Legal notice

Company Type: Joint Stock Company
Mersis: 0735040457300019
Trade Registry Office: Gebze Trade Registry Office
Trade Registry Number: 5617
Trade Name: EGGER DEKOR A.Ş.
Address: İnönü Mah. Gebze Plastics OSB Gebze / Kocaeli

Contact information
Tel: 262 6484500
Fax : 262 7513051
Amount of Committed Capital: 52.383.808,00 TL
Paid Capital Amount: 52.383.808,00 TL
Registration Date: 10.01.1996
Tax Office: İlyasbey VD
Tax Number:7350404573

Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board
Name and Surname: Ender Çelebi
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Name and Surname:Vitali Behar
Board members
Name and Surname:Florin Nicolai Solcan
Name and Surname:Tayfun Yarkın

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