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  • I want to work at ROMA. How can I apply for a job?

    ROMA is Turkey’s leading edgebanding brand of the EGGER Group. It is not a business entity. Please send your updated CV to Human Resources at EGGER Turkey to join the EGGER family and work at the EGGER Gebze plant where ROMA branded edgebandings are produced. 

    Please click, to see current job postings and apply online.

  • How can I contact ROMA Edgebanding?

    ROMA Edgebandings are produced at  EGGER's Gebze plant in Turkey. The Sales, Marketing and Sales Operations teams responsible for the running of the brand are located at the headquarters of the Gebze plant.  
    ROMA continues its mission to be a solution partner in edgebanding and provides its services with eight area sales managers and one industrial customer sales manager to deliver high-quality services and successful customer relations throughout Turkey.

    Please click here to contact us.

  • I want to try different decors of edging, but I don't want to buy large quantities. How can ROMA help?

    Our selected distributors offer a “Cut-to-Length Service” for this purpose. With this service, you can choose any décor from ROMA's large stock collection and order the exact quantity you need for your edgebanding needs.

    Click here to contact your nearest “Cut-to-Length Service” provider. 

  • How can I be informed about new products and updated services of ROMA?

    You can sign up for our newsletter, visit our website regularly, and follow us on social media to be informed about up-to-date information, new products, and events about ROMA.

  • Where can I find information about ROMA on social media?

    For information about ROMA and to stay updated, please follow Roma edgebanding on Facebook,  Instagram, EGGER Türkiye and on LinkedIn.                                                                                                                                                                                                         



  • I experience trouble when bonding, why ?

    Hotmelt adhesives with a high filler content might cause a poor bonding. 
    There may be a problem with the primer at the back of the edge band.
    There may be a problem with the temperature or other parameters of the edgebanding machine.
    The ambient temperature where the edgebanding machine operates may be too low.
    The board should be cut with a 90° angle; otherwise it would cause boding issues.

  • The adhesive in the glue pot does not melt, why ?

    Although the correct temperature is displayed on the edgebanding machine screen, it may be caused by the failure of the resistances in the glue pot.
    If the ambient temperature is too low, you may not be able to melt the glue sufficiently. In such a case, you may increase the machine temperature settings by an extra 15-20°C. 

  • Why does the adhesive make a stringing effect ?

    This is usually a problem experienced with adhesives having a low amount of fillers. The problem can easily be eliminated by adjusting the pallet speed and the roller application amount correctly.

  • Why does the adhesive overflows on to the board during application ?

    The amount of adhesive applied might be higher than the standard usage. 
    The application temperature might be higher than standard settings. 

  • How can we calculate the meterage we can bond with 1 sack of adhesive?

    Follow the below steps for an easy calculation; 
    - Take 1 meter long, 5-6 board pieces and weigh them 
    - Run them through the edgebanding line without bonding with an edgeband
    - Weigh the board pieces once again 
    - The weight difference is the average amount of glue applied per 1 meter

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