Solid Color Edgebands

ROMA Solid Color Edge Band Collection is available in a wide variety of colours, from neutral colours to vibrant accent decors. The uni colours collection can meet many needs with its wide colour range. The ROMA Solid Color Edge Band Collection, which includes neutral tones such as gray, beige and sand colour, has a wide range of white colour options as well as eye-catching colours. MDF and chipboard are ideal for creating different soft contrasts and colours that complement Edge Band. These rich colour options can be used in furniture and decoration projects to adapt to different design preferences. Your customers can get the look they want in their designs by choosing the colours they want from the colours in your collection.

Woodgrain Edgebands

ROMA Woodgrain Edge Band Collection is that includes timeless classic wood decor colors such as chestnut, oak, walnut, pine, maple, black wood. With its endgrain appearance, the ROMA Woodgrain Edge Band Collection, which is perfectly compatible with all chipboard decors in the furniture industry, brings together woodgrain edge banding color options suitable for every need.

Fantasy Decor Edgebands

ROMA Fantasy Decor Edge Band Collection have the ability to reflect the appearance and texture of real materials. It is possible to see the most efficacious natural and attractive patterns such as stone, metal, marble, ceramic and textile on the edge bands of this collection. ROMA Fantasy Decor Edge Band come in a wide range of patterns and colors. This brings the aesthetic value of materials to interiors, giving designers and furniture makers a variety of options. It also adapts to different design preferences. These tapes are ideal for personalizing and adapting furniture to different styles.

Perfect Gloss Edgebands

Perfect Gloss Edge Band Collection is a prominent option with their lacquer combinations at different gloss levels. It offers modern options that appeal to different tastes with its super matte, super glossy and premium glossy collections. These edge bands can be used in interior designs such as MDF and chipboards, allowing you to create an original and free atmosphere.

Design Edgebands

ROMA Design Edge Band Collection, with its edge band options in contrasting colors, increases visual appeal in MDF or chipboard combination designs, while at the same time providing difference and originality. This collection gives furniture and interiors an aesthetically rich look. The contrasting colors of collections such as Nudoso, Trio, Acrimarc and Doppia create striking accents in furniture and interiors. This collection is ideal for those who want to add a different touch to modern and stylish interiors.

Technological Edgebands

Technological Edge Bands: It consists of 4 different product groups: Paintable Edge Bands, Laser Edge Bands, Digital Printing Edge Bands, Technical Edge Bands. As technology advances rapidly, innovations are emerging in many industries and sectors. The effect of technology is also seen in areas such as furniture edge banding, interior design and decoration. In this context, Technical edge bands are produced in order to adapt to the changing trends in the sector. Technical Edge Bands, produced in innovative production facilities, make it easier for designers and furniture manufacturers to adapt to trends.


The first thermoplastic material ever used for edging in the industry. Ideal for machining; easy to bond and trim. Flexible material for straightforward processing.


Chlorine-free. Good impact and heat resistance. Can be thermally utilised and incinerated in authorised facilities. Easy to process. ABS edging is preferred in Europe.


These “acrylic” edges are mainly used in applications focused on design. High scratch resistance, durable and resistant. Good light-fastness. For perfect, seamless edges. Ideal for 3D effects thanks to glass-like transparency.

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