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This adhesive group better known as Hot-Melt, is used for bonding PVC, ABS, PMMA and Veneer edgebands to chipboard and MDF.

Ambient Temperature:

Problems with Hot-melt adhesives are generally experienced in cold weather. As the ambient temperature drops, the performance of the adhesive starts to decrease. When the temperature goes below 0 °C, the performance of the adhesive deteriorates dramatically. In order to overcome this problem, it is suggested that;

→ A heater fan is placed to the feeding point of the edge banding machine.

→ Edgebands and boards are kept in a warmer storage area.

→ The temperature in the edge banding machines’ glue pot and rollers are increased by another 15-20 °C.

The suggestions mentioned above do not guarantee 100% positive results. The main goal is to provide 20 °C ambient temperature at the working environment. Adhesives’ viscosity starts to decrease as the ambient temperature rises to 30 °C or above. As a practical solution, it is recommended to cool the pot and the roller down by 10-15 °C. As a result, the ideal viscosity of the adhesive can be restored during the application

Adhesive Glue Pot Temperature:

The desired level of bonding cannot be achieved if the adhesive doesn’t adequately melt. The main reason for this problem is the malfunctioning of the heaters in the glue pot. In such a case, the actual temperature is far lower than the temperature read on the glue pot’s thermostats. To be certain, it is recommended to measure the temperature of the adhesive inside the pot with a separate thermometer. Faulty heaters should be replaced with new ones to overcome the problem.

Shelf Life:

Hot-melt adhesives have a 12 months shelf life. Under the right storage conditions, this period can be extended up to 3-4 years.

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