Carpentry Adhesives

Romabond Mirror Silicone

High performance, neutral cure silicone designed specifically for bonding mirrors. Has high elasticity and does not cause corrosion on mirrors, as it does not contain any solvents. Single component; consists of 100% silicone. Rapidly cures with ambient humidity and release low amount of smell. Preserves its features at low and high temperatures (-60 °C / +180 °C).

  • Application surfaces should be clean; free of dirt, grease and dust.
  • Cleaning surfaces with solvent before application increases bonding strength and durability of silicone.
  • Ambient temperature should be between +5 °C and +40 °C during application.
  • Uncured silicone can be cleaned with solvents. Cured silicone can only be cleaned by mechanical ways.
  • Packaging: 310 ml
  • Box content: 24 pieces

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